Chairman’s Message

Rabindranath Tagore has remarked that children love life and that is their first love. the right kind of education, therefore, is that which provides opportunity to children for gaining knowledge through love of life. Education should have close relations with the natural surroundings and human society.

The aim of education, according to Tagore, is to maintain harmony with social and natural atmosphere so that child could develop his creative abilities from the very beginning of his or her life.
The aim of Bal Bharti School is  to make education a mean by which a child's mind and body keeps in harmony with the rhythm of nature.
It’s a part of our mission to provide complete and well balanced education. A school provides inputs to its students that would equip them with leadership qualities, make then autonomous learners as well as good human beings for the overall benefit of a society. 

Every parent cherishes the paramount desire to see their child full of wisdom. The education has the role to draw out “the beauty of the God” present in every child so as to harness their skills and piercing intellect for the betterment of the society in the harmony of culture and thought.

I am confident that the teachers and students will carry on with the exemplary work and continue to help this institution to grow both in stature and repute.
My heartiest congratulations to the Principal, Staff and Students for another successful year. I pray that the Almighty God may continue to bless you all and continue to intercede for us to fulfill all our dreams and plans for the future. 

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